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Get the most out of your application with a complete architecture based on modern mobile development technologies.
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Which technologies do we use?

React Native with JSX

Made with React Native using ECMAScript/JavaScript standardization, including code formatting and validation for better quality and comprehension.

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Hooks approach

Functional components (Hooks) allow you to use state, lifecycle methods, and other functionalities of React without using classes.

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With the Redux library the entire application's data flow is controlled: one state to rule them all.

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Firebase backend integration

Easily manage databases, real-time synchronization, push notifications, user authentication and more with the Firebase backend.

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Google Maps and clustering

Display search results or locations on Google Maps, group multiple results with our clustering components.

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Push Notifications

Manage Android and iOS Push Notifications from Firebase Online Console.

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Multiple device support

Integrated design for tables and mobile devices on both platforms: iOS and Android.